Collection: 購物滿20之指定贈品 TIO Surprise Offer

  1. 10/19~20 購物滿20可免費取得硬豆腐1包,請把贈品加入購物車

    1. 以下貨品選擇1份加入購物車
    2. 下單滿$20
    3. 最後付款時系統會自動調節該贈品為 $0
    4. 如不成功也可於取貨時直接向員工索取!(除非沒貨)


    FREE Firm Tofu x 1 with Any Purchase of $20 through 10/19~10/20. (please add to cart)

    1. Add one item of your choice to your shopping cart
    2. Place an order of $20 or more
    3. During the final payment, the system will automatically adjust the selected item to $0.
    4. If it doesn't work in case, you can also request the item directly from our staff when picking up your order! (Subject to availability).
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