Collection: b-MOLA 空氣淨化機

  • 此淨化系統著名用戶:香港國際機場、港鐵MTR、屯門醫院、律敦治醫院、匯豐及恒生銀行、北角官立小學、香港醫管局及房屋署.. 等等...

The filtration system NCCO has been used in thousands of hospitals in 18 countries around the world! B-Mola is the home version of this air purification processor using NCCO, international patented technology developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, medical grade, 0 pollution, and the guardian of your respiratory health!

NCCO過濾系統已經在全球18個國家逾千家醫院使用!而 b-MOLA 魚仔機就是使用香港科研之NCCO國際專利技術的空氣淨化處理器的家用版! 醫療級,0污染!你呼吸健康的守衛者!  


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