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手機應用程式 SHOP APP


在SHOP APP搜尋 808 SUPER 追蹤我們吧!

除使用網頁瀏覽808Super之外,你也可利用一站式購物的SHOP APP 在 808 Super 上購物,並享用一鍵快速結賬及其他:
📦 自動追踪您所有的在線訂單 (包括Amazon及其他購物網站)
🚶🏻  獲取準確的取件或送貨通知(*808SUPER只提供自取服務)
💳 一鍵快速安全結賬
😎 一站式管理您的在808super和其他購物網站的付款和購物
❣️ 從您喜歡的商店獲得個性化貨品推薦
In addition to browsing the 808Super on the web, you can also make purchases on SHOP APP with secure One-Tap Checkout and other features:
📦 Automatically track all your online orders
🚶🏻  Get accurate pick-up or delivery notifications (*We only offer pick-up service)
💳 Check out safely in one tap
😎 Manage your payment and purchases in one place
❣️Get personalized recommendations from shops you love
蘋果手機用戶:下載SHOP APP -  IOS User
安卓手機用戶:下載SHOP APP - Andriod
或請到 瀏覽詳情
Or scan to download the Shop app

下載後别忘了搜尋 808 SUPER 追蹤我們!

Don't forget to FOLLOW 808 Super after installing the app!


備註:808SUPER是SHOP APP其中一家商號,換言之SHOP APP 並非由 808SUPER.COM 管理。 如您在使用 SHOP APP (SHOP PAY) 交易時遇到問題,請按此>聯繫 SHOP APP客戶服務<。808SUPER.COM不能管理或登入您的 SHOP APP 帳戶。
Note: 808SUPER is one of the shops in SHOP APP, in other words SHOP APP is not managed by 808SUPER.COM. If you're having issues with SHOP APP or SHOP PAY transaction, then you should contact SHOP APP‘s customer service.  808SUPER.COM is unable to manage or access your SHOP APP account.
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