Collection: 新年八福三寶送好禮 New Year Promotion 2024

八福年年有餘禮品包 New Year Promotion 2024

Starting from January 1, 2024, with the purchase of one box each of Abalone Sea Cucumber Shiitake (Item#3954) and Abalone Fish Maw Shiitake (Item#3953), you will receive a New Year Gift Pack as our special offering. The Gift Pack includes:

  1. A vibrant waterproof shopping bag from "Fish³Brand"
  2. Two sets of Lunar New Year red envelopes.
  3. A mini whirlwind food processor.
  4. An exquisite apron.

As an additional bonus, you will also receive a complimentary box of Fish Stewed w/Pelted Wheat Soup ($29.99 value)! This offer is valid while supplies last.

2024年1月1日起,凡購買鮑魚海參冬菇(#3954) 連同 鮑魚花膠冬菇(#3953) 各一盒,送您:鱻新年禮品包一份,禮品包括:

  • 實用防水購物袋一個
  • 精美圍裙一條
  • 精美新春利是封2款共兩疊
  • 小旋風料理器一個

再送一盒:價值 $29.99 金湯麥米花膠 (#3948) !


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