FAQ 常見問題


Q: 你們送貨嗎?你們的運費是多少?

A: 我們只運送給批發商家。對於零售客戶,我們只提供本地倉庫取貨服務。但是,我們也樂意為加州想要購買一些不易腐爛物品的客戶提供服務,根據重量和距離收取運費 請聯繫我們查詢。

Q: Do you deliver and what is your shipping fee? 

A: We only deliver to wholesale clients. For retail customer, we only provide local pick-up service. However, we are willing to accommodate customers in California who want to purchase some non-perishable items. Shipping fee based on weight and distance. Please contact us for inquiry.


Q:  你們接受什麼付款方式?

A: 我們接受Paypal,SHOP Pay, 各大信用卡如 American Express,Mastercard,Visa,JCB 等。

 Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Paypal, SHOP Pay and credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, Visa, JCB etc).



 Q: 我可以在你們倉庫選購嗎?

A: 抱歉,我們沒有門市服務,倉庫不對公眾開放。閣下只能來領取在網上訂購的商品。

Q: Can I shop at your warehouse?

A: No. We are sorry that we do not have cashier services. Our warehouse is not open to public. You can only come to collect the goods you have ordered.



Q: 等了很久都收不到你們的提貨通知,怎麼辦?

A:您不用空等,下單後次日下午直接來取貨便可(週末及假期除外)。客戶提供錯誤號碼或電郵、收發訊號不佳、手機或電腦安全程式攔截等等因素,致訊息未能接收等原因時有發生,訂單一般於24小時內準備就緒,在您每次下單後的次日便可取貨,您可以於下午直接前來領取。 (週末及假期除外,如星期五下單,需於下星期一來。)

Q: What should I do if I don't receive your notification after waiting for a long time? 

A: You do not need to keep waiting for the notification, just come to us the following weekday in the afternoon. Wrong numbers or email provided by customers, poor signals, blocking of mobile phone or computer security program, etc., resulting in the failure to receive messages sometimes. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam and junk mail folders.

All orders are ready within 24 hours (max.) for sure (weekdays). Just feel free to come over in the afternoon.




A:付款確認後我們盡快進行配貨,放入購物車的產品不代表已留貨,該訂單以實際付款為有效。若同時下單的客戶較多,下訂單後可能會出現缺貨情形。由於人手理貨與電腦系統更新之間存在時間差異,造成客戶在實際售罄時仍可下單。我們盡努力確認每件商品都有現貨庫存,但仍沒法避免某些熱銷貨品在短時間內售罄,跟不上供應,或供應商延遲向我們發貨等。如排單後發現沒有現貨,或遇產品質量未如理想 (如農產品發貨時不夠新鮮、食品重量不足、發現貨品損壞或過期等) 我們也會決定不向您發貨,並辦理退款。不便之處,敬請原諒。

Q: Why do I still encounter shortages after placing an order? 

A: After the payment is confirmed, we will arrange your items as soon as possible. The products placed in the shopping cart do not mean that they have been reserved. The order is valid from the actual payment. If there are more customers placing orders at the same time, there may be a shortage after the order is placed. Due to the time difference between handling and the computer system update, customers may still be able to place the order when it is sold out. We try our best to make sure that everything is in stock. However due to the supplier’s delay in delivering to us, it is still impossible to prevent some hot-selling items from selling out in a short period of time or failing to keep up with the supply. In addition, if the quality of the product is not as ideal, for example when the agricultural products are not fresh enough when we pack them, underweight, or the products are found to be damaged or expiring, we will also decide not to sell and process a refund instead. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.



Q: 提貨時可以即場付款加購嗎?

A: 抱歉,加購麻煩您登入808super.com下單。我們的倉庫沒有收銀服務,商品是按先訂先得的方式配貨(優先次序根據付款後的網上訂單號),我們非常感謝您的惠顧,但為了避免在我們的庫存和取貨順序上造成混淆,並且對我們珍惜的每位顧客公平,煩請您使用手機登入808super.com下單,以避免同一時間在網站訂購中的客戶,因貨品非預期地被取走而遇到付款後缺貨的情況。因此建議您當下可通過手機下訂單,讓我們可以根據您的訂單編號為您配貨,一旦我們確認庫存足夠,您可以立即將貨品取走,無需多等一天。若添加多於三件貨品 ,則視作新訂單,您需要在第二天提貨。

這項政策可減低各人包括閣下您自己將來遇到相同情況(付款後缺貨)的機會。 謝謝您的合作。

Q: Can I make additional purchases when I pick-up my order?

A: No, our warehouse does not provide cashier service and merchandise is available on a first order, first get basis (priority is based on the online order number after payment), we do not accept purchase in our warehouse. We are grateful for your patronage. To avoid confusion in our inventory and pick-up sequence and to be fair to every customer we treasure, placing your order online will be appreciated. Therefore, customers who ordered online at the same time will not encounter out of stock after their payment. We will do our best to accommodate special requests so we suggest you order by your mobile phone at that moment so that we can allocate the goods for you according to your order number. Once we confirm that the inventory is sufficient, you can take them right away and do not need to wait one more day. If you are adding more than three items, you need to pick them up the next day.

This policy can reduce your chances of encountering the same situation (out of stock after payment) in the future. Thank you for your cooperation.





Q: What if something t I ordered and paid is out of stock? 

A: We will refund the full price of the item and notify you via SMS or email depends on which one you provided.




A: 目前為止我們只接受新鮮海膽刺身預訂,其他貨品請密切留意網站,補貨後我們馬上會在808super.com發售。

Q: The thing I want is always sold out, do you accept a pre-order or if you can hold it for me once it gets in stock?

A: We only accept pre-order for Uni Sashimi (fresh sea urchins)so far. Please pay attention to the website for other products. Once they are restocked they will be available on 808super.com.



Q 您們的A5和牛有真品證明嗎?

A:有。我們每一批頂級A5和牛附帶真品證明書,註明品種,牛的部位,產地,牛隻識別編號,性別,屠宰日期,出生日期,BMS(脂肪大理石紋理分佈等級)和牛隻本身的名字,以證明達到日本特級和牛的嚴格要求:純種,日本黑毛和牛,在日本飼養,並已達到特級品質。 顧客可通過獨一無二的牛隻識別號追溯牛隻源頭,從而確保其優質和安全。 每批和牛只被簽發一張證書,我們無法提供給所有客戶,但歡迎到來查閱。

Q: Does your Grade A Wagyu have a certificate of authenticity? 

A: Yes! Each batch of our grade A5 Wagyu have a certificate of authenticity indicating the breed, description of parts of the cattle, prefecture, animal ID, Gender, Process Date, Birth Date, BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) and the name of the cattle. That is certified as having met the strict requirements of the Japanese premium Wagyu: pure-breed, Japanese Kuroge Wagyu, raised in Japan and having attained the rank of premium quality. Customer is traceable with a unique cattle identification number, providing assurance of its premium quality and safety. Since there is only one certificate for each batch of Wagyu, it is impossible to issue one for every single piece customer order. However, you are welcome to check it out in our office. 



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