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<<簡介 Introduction>>


Poon Choi, (Prosperity Treasure Pot), a traditional dish originating from the walled villages in the New Territories of Hong Kong, has a history spanning several centuries. It is a festive and celebratory dish, with a rich history and cultural significance. During joyous occasions and holidays, Poon Choi feasts are held, symbolizing prosperity and abundance. The ingredients in Poon Choi each carry auspicious meanings, making it a dish filled with good wishes. With its diverse and abundant ingredients, the act of sharing Poon Choi represents the unity and reunion of family members around a communal table.

<<本盆菜特色 Feature of this Treasure Pot>>



Manufactured in Hong Kong, these Poon Choi are crafted using a selection of premium ingredients such as top-grade abalone, sea cucumber, and golden oysters. The broth is meticulously simmered for over 20 hours, complemented by a unique and rich abalone sauce formula developed by Hong Kong star chefs. The abalone exhibits a golden luster, with succulent and tender meat that is both chewy and flavorful, leaving a lasting impression. Having received overwhelming praise upon its debut in the American market in previous year, it is making a return this Chinese New Year. Don't miss the opportunity to savor this unforgettable culinary experience!



<<食法 Serving Method>>

\\ 享用前,需要整盆取出解凍數小時 // Defrost few hours before serving

  • 建議食法 1 ) 解凍後,整盆隔水蒸熱 (可使用26cm鍋)
  • 建議食法 2 ) 解凍後,整盆放GAS爐上加熱,邊熱邊吃
  • 建議食法 3 ) 往年客戶使用附送之26CM鍋完美擺盆心得:


Recommended Serving Methods: 

Option 1) After thawing, steam the entire pot over water (using a 26cm pot is recommended).

Option 2) After thawing, heat the entire pot on a gas stove, enjoying it as it warms. 

Option 3) Customer feedback from previous years on the perfect use of the included 26cm pot:

First, soak the original aluminum container briefly in hot water to easily detach it from the container. Then, cover the Poon Choi with a large plate, invert the entire pot, and place the ice block in the 26cm electric pot, fitting perfectly. Slowly thaw, and when you are ready to enjoy, just turn on the heat.

<<取貨日期 / 收貨日期 Pickup/Receive Dates>>

鑒於香港運來的盆菜數量有限,理解到顧客冰箱空間亦有限,顧客可先下單付款留貨,到特定時間收取,預售之收貨日期選擇如下 (早鳥$10優惠至1/20/24):

Considering the limited quantity of Poon Choi imported from Hong Kong and understanding that customers may have limited refrigerator space, customers can place an order and make payment to reserve the item, then collect it at a specific time period. The available options for the scheduled pickup/delivery date for pre-orders are as follows (Early Bird $10 Discount until 1/20/2024):

  • 1/8~12 (M-F)  (=新春前4週)
  • 1/15~9 (M-F) (=新春前3週) 
  • 1/22~26 (M-F) (=新春前2週) 
  • 1/29~2/2 (M-F) (=新春前1週)
  • 2/5~2/9 (M-F) (=新春前5天)
  • 2/12~2/16 (M-F) (初三至初七)


  1. 大年初一是2024年2月10日 (週六)
  2. 現在下單付款完成可獲$10早鳥優惠,優惠期至1/20日 (1/20後系統自動調整為原價)
  3. 請謹慎下單,付款7天後恕不取消不退貨, 謝謝理解及見諒。(小編按:不要退喔!真的很好吃...)


  1. Chinese New Year's Day is on February 10, 2024 (Saturday)
  2. Enjoy a $10 Early Bird discount for payments made before 1/20 (the system will automatically adjust to the regular price after 1/20).
  3. Orders are non-refundable and cannot be canceled 7 days after payment. Please place your order with caution. Thank you for your understanding. (Editor's note: Please do not cancel! It's really delicious...)


灣區本地 (自取或本店司機送貨) $0:收到訂單後一個工作天開始備貨分流,將於您選擇的該星期 (週一到五之間) 將貨送到閣下府上,選擇自取的客人請務必前來領取,逾期不留貨。送貨日子/時間將會根據所在地區位置規劃出司機送貨路線而定 (懇請留電話號碼讓我們聯絡通知您)。

郵寄 (郵遞服務)定額郵費$10:只限 加州 / 華盛頓州 / 俄勒岡州。

預計發貨後2-5天內收到,如您希望特定日子前務必收到,請盡早讓我們知道。(請在購物車下方add note to your order註明)

<<Shipping & Handling Process>>

Local (Self-Pickup or Delivery by us) $0 in the Bay Area: 

  • Order processing and preparation begin one business day after receiving your order. The items will be delivered to your address during the week you selected (Monday to Friday). Customers who choose self-pickup, please make sure to come and collect your order. Unclaimed items will not be held beyond the designated period.
  • Local delivery days and times will be arranged based on the driver's delivery route, determined by your location. We suggest you to provide a contact number for us to notify you. 

Shipping (by mail, USPS/UPS): (+$10)

  • Limited to California, Washington & Oregon. 
  • Expected delivery within 2-5 days after shipment. If you wish to receive the items by a specific date, please let us know as early as possible (Please add a note to your order at "Shopping Cart" Section before submit your payment)



若留空白或無輸入收貨地址,視作貨倉取貨訂單,請根據您選擇的日子到 808 Burlway Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 六號貨倉取貨。

"Where do I enter the shipping address?”

You can enter your shipping address before making the payment.  Click on 'Shopping Cart,' and at the bottom left, there will be a rectangular space for you to enter text. Please provide your shipping address or any messages you'd like to communicate with us. Please see picture as example shown below.

If you leave the field blank or do not input a shipping address, we will consider it as a warehouse pickup order. Please come to 808 Burlway Rd, Suite#6, Burlingame CA 94010 for pickup according to the date you chose. 


<<贈品 Gift w/Purchased>>

  • 送:精美保溫袋一個

  • 送:26CM雙層電鍋一個 (電鍋為 “麥飯石不黏鍋”,平時可用作蒸煮炒用。也可直接放入整盆盆菜於不鏽鋼蒸籠上隔水加熱)  價值 $24.99

  • 送:香港製造 八福紅燒鮑魚汁花膠 一盒 

  • One thermal bag 

  • One 26cm Double-Layer Electric Pot (Non-stick Pot,' versatile for steaming, cooking, and stir-frying. Can also be directly placed in the pot to heat the entire Poon Choi) Valued at $24.99

  • One box of ready-to-eat Braised Abalone Sauce Fish Maw, a delicacy from Hong Kong.





取消訂單: 如果您在下單後的7天內未取貨且希望取消訂單,我們接受取消要求,並會替您辦理退款,我們將在5個工作日內透過原支付方式進行退款。

取消期限: 在購買後的7天內提出取消訂單的請求,以符合取消政策。

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that circumstances may change unexpectedly. Please note our Poon Choi cancellation policy:

Frozen Foods: Due to food safety reasons, frozen foods are non-returnable once purchased.

Order Cancellation: If you wish to cancel your order and it has not been picked up within 7 days of placing the order, we accept cancellation requests and will process a refund through the original payment method within 5 business days.

Cancellation Period: Requests to cancel orders must be made within 3 days of purchase to comply with our cancellation policy.




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