HoneyB 天然蜂蜜氣泡水 (六罐裝) HoneyB Sparkling Honey Drink (6 packs) #3207

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Item# 3207
Net Weight: 250ml X 6

  • 選用100%天然澳洲蜂蜜
  • 無添加糖
  • 無添加色素
  • 無添加人工味道
  • 只有45卡路里

      honeyB preserves the natural flavour and taste of honey while stimulates our taste buds for full indulgence. Besides the top choice to quench your thirst, honeyB compacts the health benefits of honey in a small convenient can. honeyB is manufactured under the most stringent manufacturing process using the finest selection of honey, to bring out the best of a REAL honey carbonated drink.


      • Use 100% natural Australian honey
      • No sugar added
      • No added coloring No added artificial flavor
      • 45 calories each can

       產地: 澳洲蜂蜜,馬來西亞產品

      Origin: Honey from Australia, Product of Malaysia