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[$1.25/LB] 日本紅薯 Murasaki Yam  #1435a

[$1.25/LB] 日本紅薯 Murasaki Yam #1435a

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Item# 1435a

  • Murasaki potato 日本紅薯(紫色皮,黄色瓤)

Each order: 2 lb - 3.5 lb (請選擇)

因每份農產品重量大小不一,未必能提供多份完全相同的磅數,如您不能同時輸入多於 1 份,請嘗試選擇其他重量。

Since each serving of agricultural products has different weights, we may not be able to provide multiple servings with exactly the same weight. If you cannot enter more than 1 at the same time, please try to choose another weight.

Origin: USA 美國種植

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