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民生拉麵 (0%反式脂肪及膽固醇) MIN SAENG Spicy Korean Ramen (0% Trans Fat & Cholestrol) 115 g  #2907
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民生拉麵 (0%反式脂肪及膽固醇) MIN SAENG Spicy Korean Ramen (0% Trans Fat & Cholestrol) 115 g #2907

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Net Wt. 115 g

  • 辣味 Hot and Spicy
  • Cooking Time:  3 Min 30 Sec  (3分30秒)
  • 韓國便利店品牌 Emart24推出的品牌,MinSaeng指的是民生,意謂任何人都可以享用的民生拉麵。
  • 簡單快捷,幾分鐘內即可食用。
  • 0% 反式脂肪,0% 膽固醇 - 您無需擔心反式脂肪和膽固醇: 即使是深夜,您也可以享用這個民生拉麵作為小吃。
  • 加入雞蛋、大蔥、年糕或任何你喜歡的東西,以享受更好的味道。

享用方法: 1. 將約 2 杯(500 毫升)水放入平底鍋中煮沸。 2.將湯底和麵條加入沸水中攪拌均勻。 3.加入您選擇的泡菜、雞蛋、大蔥等作為麵糊。

  • MinSaeng is a Korean word that refers to people’s livelihood. And MinSaeng ramen made for anyone can enjoy.
  • Easy and Fast - You just need water, a saucepan and ready to eat in minutes.
  • 0 percent Trans Fat, 0 percent Cholestrol - You don't need to worry about Trans Fat and Cholestrol because it is 0 percent Trans Fat, 0 percent Cholestrol. Even late night, you can enjoy this Minsaeng Ramen as snack.
  • Adding eggs, green onions, rice cake, or anything which is your favorite for enjoying better taste.
  • I'm E is a brand of South Korea convenience store 'Emart24 inch
  • Directions: 1.Bring about 2 cups(500ml) of water to boil in a sauce pan. 2.Add Soup base and noodles to the boiling water and stir well. 3.Add your choice of Kimchi, eggs, green onions, etc for batter raste.


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